Stretching Lancaster PA

Stretching Service Lancaster PA

Here at Lancaster Massage Pro, we offer two kinds of stretching!
‚ÄčThe first is active stretching. The active stretch is great for a couple a reasons. With the active, you are the one applying forces. They often say, that no one knows your body better than you do. We will put you through a progression of stretches to get you better in tune with your own body and your own abilities. This is a great way to increase flexibility on your own. Another recommendation is to add this into your warm up to help prime your body properly, while also preventing injury.

The second is passive stretching which also has some great benefits. With passive stretching, there is an external force being applied that will be able to push you a little bit past what you could do yourself. This is where you will really see the benefits of increased flexibility, and is also a great way to cool your body down after a hard workout!