Sports Massage Lancaster PA

Sports Massage in Lancaster PA

Sports massage is a great tool whether you are a full time athlete, or a rec league basketball player looking for some pain relief. There are a number of different techniques involved with sports massage but all with one goal in mind. Getting you back to performing at optimal levels. Here at Lancaster Massage Pro, we strive to provide the absolute best service and individualized attention to every client we treat. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, an autoimmune disorder, tight muscles, or just think you could be performing better in your desired sport, we will set up a the right and affordable plan to get you back to feeling like yourself!

The Different Types of Sports Massage

  1. Pre-Event Sports Massage – This is not a full massage, but rather a short stimulative one to activate the right muscles for competition.
  2. Post-Event Sports Massage – This is given soon after competition to bring the tissues back to a normalized state.
  3. Restorative – Given during training if an athlete is dealing with an issue. This allows the athlete to train harder than he/she was while also preventing injuries.
  4. Rehabilitative – When going through an injury, this type of massage is issued to help reduce pain and swelling. This speeds up the time from injury to return to sport!


arantee here at Lancaster Massage Pro is that when you leave, you will feel better walking out, than you did walking in!​ Sometimes, with any of our services you have to break down (which can be uncomfortable) the bad stuff, before the good stuff can do what it is supposed to!
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