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Graston Massage Lancaster PA

The Graston Technique

The Graston Technique is a non-invasive, soft tissue technique that uses special stainless steel instruments. I use these special instruments to identify and treat areas of the body showing signs of soft tissue fibrosis or adhesions.
Fibrosis or adhesions can be found in muscles and connective tissues with most injuries ranging from back or neck pain  to ankle sprains.
The Graston Technique lets me get as deep into your tissue as necessary to heal, yet be sensitive to your pain and pain tolerance.

For those of you dealing with an injury and going through physical therapy, Graston can be a great addition to help speed up the healing process. While many people focus on the muscles, tendons and ligaments, the soft tissue is often neglected. That’s why a session with me will get you feeling better immediately. What we want to do is smooth out adhesions, but also stimulate a small (and healthy) amount of inflammation to draw blood to the damaged areas. This in and of itself can help speed up and reduce time from injury – to being back doing what you love


My experience with Eric has been phenomenal. After major knee surgery I was dealing with a ton of swelling. With just 2 treatments I immediately saw a difference in the reduction of swelling, but also pain levels and ability to walk without a limp
​- Jason K

I offer safe, effective, and affordable massages that are great for athletes and injury
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