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Massage in Lancaster PA

If you are feeling tired, run down, and are experiencing aching joints, back pain, lethargy, anxiety, arthritis or just not feeling very good, why not treat yourself to a special treatment? I offer the best massage therapy Lancaster PA
I offer numerous types of special treatments that last from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. These treatments are the Graston Technique, The Cupping therapy, The Sports Massage and Active & Passive Stretching.
These techniques will leave you feeling renewed and re-energized and can help your body speed up recovery from injuries. Give me a call and schedule a massage Lancaster PA

This is a great way to treat yourself and make you feel better. In some cases, it may be necessary to have certain massages performed for medical purposes. If you need a professional and certified Graston and Cupping massage therapist in Lancaster PA or surrounding areas, give me a call today!

Having a massage on a regular basis can improve the overall quality of your life and can drastically improve your physical and mental well being. My massages are affordable. Whether you’re looking for a Graston Technique Massage or a Cupping Therapy Massage,
I Provide Massages in Lancaster PA

Graston For Injury?

For those of you dealing with an injury and going through physical therapy, graston can be a great addition to help speed up the healing process. While many people focus on the muscles, tendons and ligaments, the soft tissue is often neglected. That’s why a session with me will get you feeling better immediately. What we want to do is smooth out adhesions, but also stimulate a small (and healthy) amount of inflammation to draw blood to the damaged area. This in and of itself can help speed up time from injury – to being back doing what you love!

About Me

Hi! My name is Eric, I am a Graston Technique Certified massage therapists ready to assist you with your needs. My goal is to provide you with superior quality massages so that it will be a memorable and healing experience. I currently provide my special services to individuals in the Lancaster PA area and surrounding areas.
The services that I offer are customized and suited to your body and it’s needs.
​Call me today about your desired massage.
I offer customised massage therapy Lancaster pa


My Massage Services

I perfrom personalized treatments to offer you the most benefits. If you are experiencing some discomfort or are recovering from an injury like a sprain and have an area that you would like me to concentrate on, I am happy to accommodate your requests.

The Many Benefits of Having a Massage

Massage is a broad term that covers a broad array of different services. You have Graston technique, Sports massage, Swedish massage, Deep tissue, Hot stone and many, many more. Now what is the one thing all these different techniques have in common? To get you back to feeling like yourself! Our goal here is to provide the absolute best massage service in Lancaster and have you feeling better walking out, then you did walking in!

Massage Therapy Lancaster PA

Graston Technique Massage

It’s very likely you deal with life’s everyday stresses, aches and pains, and you want to find a way to relax and make you feel better.
Graston Technique is a non-invasive, soft tissue technique that uses special stainless steel instruments. I identify and treat areas of the body showing signs of soft tissue fibrosis or adhesions.
Fibrosis or adhesions can be found in muscles and connective tissues with most injuries ranging from back or neck pain  to ankle sprains.
The Graston Technique lets me get as deep into your tissue as necessary to heal, yet be sensitive to your pain and tolerance. 

​If you want a Graston Technique Massage, look no further!
I am Graston Technique Certified Masseuse.
​I will listen and understand what you need, where your tension, aches and pains are, and exactly the style of Graston Technique and pressure work for your body.
My Graston Technique Massage is personalized and customized, so it’s uniquely catered to your needs, your muscles, your posture, and your specific aches and pains.

Graston Technique Massage

Stretching has numerous benefits, it can lead to better posture, fewer aches and pains and even greater confidence.
​ This is because stretching increases your blood flow and circulation which sends more oxygen to your brain. This leads to a clearer mind and more energy


Cupping is the oldest and most globally practiced medical treatment in history.
Almost any massage can be enhanced with specific cupping treatments tailored for your body and your lifestyle. Cupping therapy has numerous benefits, including:
1. Increased blood circulation
2. removal of stagnant blood and toxins to purify the blood
3. Sedation of the nervous system
4. stimulation of the digestive system and movement of lactic acids and toxins out of the muscles.
Cupping has been proven to be effective against depression, lethargy, anxiety, body aches and pains, and in some cases chronic joint conditions can be resolved, allowing for a greater range of motion. ​

Sports Massage

Sports massage is targeted towards athletes of all levels. From your olympic sprinter, to your occasional jogger! You only get one body to be active with, so taking care of it while you can is of the utmost importance. I make sure that I am not only one of the most affordable sports massages in Lancaster, but that I take time with each patient to understand their specific needs. Whether you hit the road for a long run and need your calves worked on, or you hit shoulders in the weight room too hard and need some mobility work. If you are looking to feel better, you won’t find better hands in Lancaster to take care of you!
Call me for the best massage in Lancaster pa

My experience with Eric has been phenomenal. After major knee surgery I was dealing with a ton of swelling. With just 2 treatments I immediately saw a difference in the reduction of swelling, but also pain levels and ability to walk without a limp ​- Jason K

I offer safe, effective, and affordable massages that are great for athletes and injury
​If you have any sort of physical problem, give me call today and schedule a massage!